Tutorial for Woozworld cheats: free Wooz, Beex, VIP and much more!


Woozworld is one of the coolest, hippest places for tweens and teens alike to meet online and chat. Not only can you chat, but you can also play games with friends and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the online social network. In Woozworld you are able to purchase accessories and clothes, however these are expensive. You need to purchase Wooz coins with real money if you do not have Woozworld Cheats. In Woozworld there are quests and daily rewards for playing so you never get bored but it sure is a lot more fun if you are rich! In Woozworld you can also get VIP membership (we have free Woozworld VIP) which will take your experience to a whole other level! Make your Wooz family now!

Obtaining Woozworld cheats and free Wooz

It is awesome being rich on Woozworld. Everyone wants to be your friend and you stand out in a crowd! If you hate the idea of spending real money on just a few Wooz, we have the best solution: free Wooz, free Beex, free VIP and much more. And what do we ask? NOTHING! We are giving away a Woozworld cheats method for free! Just follow the instructions below.

One of our fans sent us this screenshot (censored to protect identity).


(1) Click here or on the button below to get access to the free Woozworld cheats
(2) Follow the guide carefully, doing step by step; if you fail – start again
(3) Never ever give out your Woozworld password to anyone