Learn how to get Free Wooz, Beex and more items in Woozworld!


Woozworld is a virtual world where tweens and teens can come together and chat. The game is meant to encourage social interaction between friends but also for getting people to know strangers. Kids are able to purchase accessories using Beex (gained by completing activities) or with Wooz (which can be purchased using real money). Kids in Woozworld can chat with each other and safety filters are put into place in order to prevent bad language.  In Woozworld, there are quests and daily rewards for playing so you never get bored! You are also able to purchase VIP membership for added bonuses in games, such as not having to wait, and you can also create Wooz relationships with each other like boyfriends and girlfriends but also making a Wooz family!



How to get free Wooz and Woozworld cheats?

Are you tired of spending money just to get a few Wooz? Would you like to get infinite Beex and infinite Wooz for free? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have VIP membership? Or do you want to ask out a special boy or girl but you need the Wooz for a relationship status? We will show you how to get free Wooz and other awesome cheats for Woozworld.

  1. Click here to get access to the free Woozworld cheats and Wooz.
  2. Follow the guide carefully, step by step! If you fail start again!
  3. Never ever give out your password to anyone.
  4. Enjoy your awesome Woozworld experience!